Welcome to Bay Trippers Sail 'Round the Bay
Above: You see the controller that will help you navigate the bay. The Current Day and Stop will tell you which day and which stop you are on. The Current View from Boat will show you what the bay looked like that day, at that stop, from that viewpoint.
First Step: Choose a day from the map at the right-hand side of the screen.
Second Step: Use the following controller functions to navigate the bay:
Bow button - Click to view the bay from the bow or front of the boat.
Port button - Click to see the bay from port side of the boat.
Starboard button - Click to see the bay from the starboard side of the boat.
Aft button - Click to see the bay from the aft or back of the boat.
Next button - Click to move forward one stop (each stop is about a mile or two from the previous one).
Back button - Click to move back one stop.
Sometimes there's not much to see - change your viewpoint or move somewhere else, but be sure to read the messages that appear in this area. They tell the story of the trip and the Bay, and let you link to even more detailed information.